how much caffine is in green tea

how much caffine is in green tea

How Much Caffeine is in Green Tea?

Green tea is an excellent alternative to coffee and other caffeinated drinks, possessing a unique flavor and potential health benefits. One of the main questions many people have about green tea is how much caffeine is contained in green tea leaves, and how this varies depending on the way the tea is brewed.

How Much Caffeine is Found in Green Tea?

The amount of caffeine in green tea varies widely, due to its complex nature. The caffeine content varies not only between different varieties of green tea, but also depending on the amount of time the tea is steeped and the water temperature used. Generally, green tea contains approximately 30 mg of caffeine per 8 oz serving when brewed for 2-3 minutes in 180-190 degree Fahrenheit water. However, it is good to remember that this amount can vary depending on the particular tea and how it is brewed.

Different Kinds of Green Tea

Each variety of green tea has a unique flavor and caffeine content. Some popular varieties of green tea include:

  • Sencha – This type of green tea is often found as Japanese grocery stores and is known for its mild flavor and low caffeine content.
  • Kukicha – Also known as twig tea, this tea is made from the stems and stalks of the green tea plant and contains very little caffeine.
  • Gyokuro – Being made from the more delicate leaves of the green tea plant, this type of tea is sweeter and contains a higher amount of caffeine.
  • Matcha – A powder made from tea leaves that has high levels of antioxidants and an increased caffeine content.


Green tea is an excellent beverage to enjoy at any time of day, providing a unique flavor and potential health benefits. There is a wide variety of green tea available with varying levels of caffeine, so it is important to know the different types and the way they are brewed in order to get the desired level of caffeine in the drink.


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