how much does twisted tea cost

how much does twisted tea cost

Twisted Tea Prices

Twisted Tea, an iced tea product marketed by Twisted Drinks LLC, has become popular among tea and alcohol drinkers alike. If you’re looking to pick up a six-pack or a keg of Twisted Tea, here’s what it might cost you.

Regular 12-Pack

A 12-pack of Twisted Tea original and original light cans typically cost around $11 – $13 depending on where you’re shopping and what flavor you choose. This is an attractive price point when compared to other popular alcoholic beverages.


A 24-pack of 250 mL cans of Twisted Tea usually costs around $18 – $22 depending on where you buy it. This is often a better deal than buying two 12-packs, and it lasts longer.


If you’re looking to get a keg of Twisted Tea, you’re in luck. Kegs of Twisted Tea usually cost around $80 – $90 and contain approximately 140 drinks.

Flavor Options

Twisted Tea offers a variety of flavors, such as original, lemon, raspberry, and peach. Prices for these flavors may differ slightly from the regular 12-pack and 24-pack, but not by much.


Twisted Tea prices vary depending on the size of the container, the flavor, and where you buy it. Generally, a 12-pack of Twisted Tea will cost $11 – $13, a 24-pack will cost $18 – $22, and a keg will cost $80 – $90. Twisted Tea also offers a variety of flavors to choose from.


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