how much green tea for weight loss

how much green tea for weight loss

The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea has been used for centuries for its healing powers and its ability to boost the metabolism, which can help with weight loss. Research has proven that green tea can help boost your metabolism and assist with fat burning and weight loss.

Why Is Green Tea Good for Weight Loss?

Green tea is made from Camellia Sinensis, a shrub native to Asia, which contains catechins, an antioxidant that helps to boost metabolism. Catechins are natural compounds that can help reduce fat absorption and stimulate fat oxidation, which helps to burn fat.

Aside from catechins, green tea also contains caffeine which can help to boost energy levels and reduce hunger levels, allowing you to make better food choices. Green tea has also been found to increase thermogenesis, which is the process by which the body burns off excess calories.

How Much Green Tea You Should Drink for Weight Loss?

It is recommended that drinking two to three cups of green tea daily can give the best weight-loss results. To ensure that the maximum benefits of the green tea are obtained it should be drunk freshly brewed and not reheated.

For maximum weight loss benefits, including:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Fat oxidation
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Thermogenesis

It is best to pair drinking green tea with healthy eating habits, reducing your caloric intake and increasing physical activity.

In conclusion, drinking two to three cups of green tea daily can help to boost metabolism and aid with weight loss. However, it should be accompanied by a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise for the best results.


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