how much honey should i put in my tea

how much honey should i put in my tea

How Much Honey Should I Put In My Tea?

Adding honey to your tea is a great way to make it taste sweeter, while adding some unique flavoring depending on the type of honey you use. It can also act as a natural sweetener, avoiding you having to add processed sugar to your tea. But there’s an art to getting the perfect balance of honey and tea, so how can you work out how much honey is ideal for your cup?

How Much Honey Do You Need?

There is no definitive answer to how much honey you should add to your tea, and it’s ultimately down to personal preference. Usually, you want a tablespoon per 8oz of tea, but if you find the flavor too strong for your liking, reduce the amount. It’s important to remember that the healing benefits of honey are not realized until you have taken 2 teaspoons, so bear that in mind if you are using honey for health reasons.

Types of Honey

The type of honey also makes a difference, as different varieties ranging from clover honey to manuka honey have different flavors. Manuka and clover honey have a mild, subtle sweetness, whereas something like buckwheat honey has a deeper, earthier flavor. You will likely prefer different amounts depending on the type of honey and its intensity.


The best way to work out the right amount of honey for your tea is to experiment! Try adding different amounts and different types of honey, and take notes so you can remember the combinations that you enjoy the most. Once you have dialed in your preferred amount, you can easily add the perfect amount of honey to your tea every time.


Finding the right balance of honey and tea is a very personal, subjective task, as different people will prefer different amounts and flavors. Experimenting is the key, as everyone’s tastebuds are different and it’s down to each individual to determine their ideal amount of honey in tea.


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