how much is a large sweet tea at mcdonald’s

how much is a large sweet tea at mcdonald’s

How Much is a Large Sweet Tea at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s offers both sweet and unsweetened tea drinks of different sizes. If you’re looking for a large sweet tea at McDonald’s, then you can expect to pay a very reasonable price.

Price of a Large Sweet Tea

At McDonald’s, a large sweet tea typically costs around $1.29. This price can of course vary slightly depending on the location, as well as any available promotions. However, you can always expect to pay close to the $1.29 price point when you order a large sweet tea at McDonald’s.

Other Tea Options

If you’re looking for other tea options, McDonald’s also offers regular, unsweetened iced teas. You can expect to pay the same $1.29 price point for a large unsweetened iced tea.

McDonald’s also offers a variety of other iced tea drinks, including:

  • Sweet Iced Tea Lemonade: A mix of both sweet iced tea and lemonade.
  • Sweet Tea with Raspberry: A mix of sweet tea and raspberry syrup.
  • Fruit Tea: A blend of brewed black tea and fruit syrup, including mango, raspberry and peach flavors.

Overall, you can expect a large sweet tea (24 fl. oz.) at McDonald’s to cost around $1.29. And, there’s a good selection of other tea beverages if you’re looking for something different.


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