how much is a tea cup poodle

how much is a tea cup poodle

The Price of Owning a Tea Cup Poodle

Owning a Tea Cup Poodle does not come without a price tag. Depending on where you look for a pup and what kind of breeding or lineage comes with it. The cost of a Tea Cup Poodle can start from $750 and go up from there. Let’s take a look at the different factors involved in determining the ultimate cost to you.


Where you live or where you buy your pup can be a deciding factor in the overall cost. Breeders tend to have higher prices than pet shops. Also, depending on where you live, some states and cities may have higher prices than in rural areas. Check out different prices in your local area to get the most accurate pricing.

Breeder or Pet Store

When choosing a Tea Cup Poodle, you may have the option of purchasing from a breeder or a pet store. Generally, buying from a pet store can be less expensive than buying from a breeder, because the costs are often already factored into the poodle’s price. With a breeder, however, buyers can expect to pay more, as the puppy’s lineage and health can be taken into account.


It is important to consider the size when purchasing a Tea Cup Poodle. Often, puppies that are smaller come with much higher prices, as these are often seen as “rare” or collectable. In some cases, a tea cup can cost $2500 or more depending on its size and condition.

Additional Costs

It is also important to consider additional costs when thinking of the purchase of a Tea Cup Poodle. Items to consider include:

  • Collars and Leashes
  • Shampoo, Brushes, and Combs
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Healthcare
  • Training
  • Grooming
  • Toys and Treats

When determining the cost for owning a Tea Cup Poodle, it is important to take into account these different factors. Be sure to do the proper research before deciding to purchase one, as these little pooches can come with a hefty price tag.


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