how much is arizona tea

how much is arizona tea

How Much is Arizona Tea?

Arizona Tea is a favorite thirst-quencher that has become popular due to its generous serving size, low cost, and vast flavor selection. Depending on where you buy Arizona Tea from, the price can vary from well under a dollar to a few dollars.

Arizona Tea varieties

Arizona Tea offers an extensive array of drinks to choose from such as:

  • Arizona Green Tea
  • Iced Tea
  • Lemon Iced Tea
  • Half & Half Arnold Palmer Iced Tea Lemonade
  • Green Tea with Honey
  • Arizona Grapeade
  • Fruit Punch

Where to buy Arizona Tea?

Arizona Tea is widely available throughout the United States. You can find Arizona Tea at your local grocery stores, convenience stores, and many other retail outlets such as Walmart and Target. Additionally, Arizona Tea is also available for purchase online through Amazon and vending websites.

How much does Arizona Tea cost?

The cost of Arizona Tea varies depending on where you buy it from. Larger grocery stores typically offer larger size containers of Arizona Tea for as low as $0.60 per 12-oz can or $2.50 for a gallon container.

Convenience stores often sell Arizona Tea in smaller containers for $0.99 per 16-oz can or $1.50 for a gallon.

A wide variety of Arizona Tea flavors can be bought online through Amazon and vending websites. The cost varies depending on the flavor, quantity, and size.

In conclusion, Arizona Tea is a delicious and affordable beverage that can be found in a variety of locations. Its price ranges from under a dollar to a few dollars, depending where you buy it.


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