how much sugar gallon sweet tea

how much sugar gallon sweet tea

Is Sweet Tea Bad For You?

Despite its deliciousness, sweet tea is packed with tons of sugar that can lead to health problems. But just how much sugar is actually in a gallon of sweet tea? Let’s take a look.

How Much Sugar In A Gallon Of Sweet Tea

A gallon of sweet tea typically contains around 128 ounces of tea, and around 8 ounces of sugar. That’s approximately 864 calories of sugar, and 96 teaspoons. That’s an outrageous amount of sugar, and it certainly isn’t recommended for anyone looking to take care of their health!

Negative Health Effects

Drinking sweet tea with that much sugar on a regular basis can have serious health consequences. Here are a few of the more dangerous effects of drinking sweet tea:

  • Diabetes: Sugar has the potential to cause a person to become pre-diabetic.
  • Weight Gain: A gallon of sweet tea can add areound 864 calories to your daily calorie intake.
  • Heart Disease: Consuming this much sugar could increase one’s risk of developing heart disease.

Easier Ways To Enjoy Sweet Tea

If you still want to enjoy the deliciousness of sweet tea, there are other ways to do it without puring a gallon of sugar into it. Here are a few options:

  • Use Less Sugar: Cut down on the amount of sugar used in a recipe for sweet tea. This way, a gallon of tea can have a much lower sugar content.
  • Use Sugar Substitutes: Use sugar substitutes like stevia or monk fruit to sweeten your tea. These alternatives will still give tea its delicious sweetness, but without the unhealthy sugar additives.
  • Try Unsweetened Tea: If you like the taste of sweet tea, but don’t want any sugar, try unsweetened tea. This provides the delicious tea flavor without the sugar.


A gallon of sweet tea typically contains an exorbitant amount of sugar and can lead to health problems. Consider using less sugar in your tea recipe or trying alternative sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit. For those who still want to enjoy sweet tea without the added sugar, unsweetened tea is an option.


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