how much sugar is in green tea


How Much Sugar Is In Green Tea?

Green tea has a wide range of health benefits, so it is not surprising that it is becoming an increasingly popular beverage. One factor contributing to green tea’s health benefits is it’s natural low sugar content, but how much sugar is in green tea?

Sugar Content in Green Tea

Green tea is naturally low sugar tea. One regular sized cup of brewed green tea made from loose tea leaves usually contains around 2–4 calories and 0-4 grams of sugar.

Types of Green Tea

The amount of sugar in your cup of green tea may vary depending on what type of green tea you are drinking.

    • Regular Green Tea – Standard, unflavoured green teas usually contain just 0-4 grams of sugar.


    • Flavoured Green Teas – Many green teas contain additional sweeteners and flavouring, which can increase the sugar content to 6-8 grams per cup.


Sugar Sweeteners in Green Teas

Companies often add sugar sweeteners to flavoured green teas, to make them more appealing. Some of the sweeteners that may be added to green tea include fructose, sucrose, honey or milk. If consuming flavoured green teas, it is important to take note of the type and quantity of sweeteners added.


Green tea is an incredibly healthy drink, due to its low sugar content. For regular, unflavoured green tea, one cup generally contains 0-4 grams of sugar, while flavoured green teas may contain up to 8 grams per cup. It is always a good idea to check the label of flavoured green teas before you decide to purchase.


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