how much tea per cup

how much tea per cup

How Much Tea Should You Put in a Cup

Brewing the perfect cup of tea requires that you use the right amount of tea leaves for your cup size. Making a cup of tea with insufficient or too much leaves will not produce the flavor you desire. Knowing how much tea to use per cup is essential for consistently achieving your desired flavor.

Standard Serving of Tea Per Cup

For a standard cup size, using one teaspoon of tea per 6 ounces of water is considered a standard proportion. Therefore, if you are making a single cup, use one rounded teaspoon of tea leaves.

Tsps of Tea for Different Cup Sizes

Different cup sizes will require more or less teas depending on their size. Here is a breakdown of commonly used cup sizes and the corresponding amounts of tea to use:

  • 6 ounce cup: Use 1 tsp of tea
  • 8 ounce cup: Use 1.5 tsp of tea
  • 10 ounce cup: Use 2 tsp of tea
  • 12 ounce cup: Use 2.5 tsp of tea
  • 16 ounce cup: Use 3 tsp of tea

Experimenting with Tea Quantities

Ultimately, the amount of tea you should use is based on personal preference. If you want a stronger cup, use more tea leaves. Some people even like to double the quantity of tea they use for a bolder, richer cup of tea. Experiment with different volumes to find what works best for you.


Brewing a cup of tea does not need to be complicated. Just remember to use one teaspoon of tea for a 6 ounce cup as a standard proportion. If you want to alter the flavor based on your preference, feel free to adjust your tea quantity accordingly.


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