how much tea was dumped into the boston harbor

how much tea was dumped into the boston harbor

How Much Tea was Dumped into the Boston Harbor?

On December 16, 1773, members of the Sons of Liberty group dumped what would become to be known as the Tea Party: 341 chests of British tea into the Boston Harbor.

Why did they Dump the Tea?

The colonists were protesting the taxes imposed on tea by the British. The colonists argued that taxation without representation was unjust and chose this dramatic act of protest as a way to stand up for their rights as Americans.

How Much Tea was there?

The exact amount of tea dumped varies depending on the source, but it’s generally agreed that the total weight was around 92,000 pounds. The tea dumped was made up of:

  • East India Company – 50,000 pounds
  • Lloyd’s of London – 35,000 pounds
  • Richard Clarke & Sons – 7,000 pounds

It took three long hours to dump the entire amount of tea into Boston Harbor.

What Happened Next?

The Boston Tea Party would set the tone for the American Revolution which ended with the colonists gaining their independence from Britain. While the Sons of Liberty would take most of the credit for this audacious act of rebellion, the event would become the rallying cry for independence amongst all the colonies.

The Tea Party remains a symbol of American patriotism to this day and is still strongly associated with the people, actions and events of the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution.


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