how old is ice tea daughter

how old is ice tea daughter

All About Ice Tea’s Daughter Chanel

Chanel is the daughter of Ice Tea and Coco. She is the couple’s only child and is 5 years old. She has been in the center of pop culture ever since her parents made her their first broadcasted baby announcement.

Facts About Chanel

  • Age: Chanel is 5 years old.
  • Points of Interest: Chanel’s parents have an Instagram page for her, and her own web page. Both sites feature recent photos and updates about her daily activities.
  • Fashionista: Chanel enjoys putting her own twist on simple clothing pieces and showing off her fashion sense. She loves tutus, bright colors, and loves shopping for her own outfits.
  • Pop Culture Icon: Since Chanel was born, she has been a part of the pop culture conversation on various levels, from her birth and first photos, to her parents’ appearances on reality shows, and her starring roles in a few music videos.

Chanel has also been at the center of conversations around preteen fashion and has opened up a dialogue about how young girls are portrayed and represented in the media.


Chanel is an entertaining, fashionable and inspiring young girl. She is a role model to her peers and beyond, and her parents’ love and care are reflective of that. Many people of all ages love following along with her journey and she will continue to be a staple in pop culture for many years to come.


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