how to cheat on the teas test

how to cheat on the teas test

How to Cheat on the TEAS Test


Taking the TEAS test is stressful for many students because it can be a deciding factor for their academic career. Hence, there is an inclination to cheat on the test. This article will provide various tips and tricks by which you can cheat on the TEAS test.

Methods to Cheat

  1. Take help from a friend or companion to answer questions.
  2. Use your watch or cell phone to sneakily view the correct answers.
  3. Memorise answers from online TEAS tests and write them on your palms or any other body part.
  4. Carry a paper with answers written in code.

Pros and Cons of Cheating on the TEAS

  • Pros
    You may be able to secure a good score if you are able to carry out cheating successfully.
  • Cons
    You may get caught by the invigilators and thereby get penalised for cheating. That is why it is important not to make any suspicious movements while attempting the test.

Points to Keep in Mind

  • It is important to know the layout of the test hall. Find out which sections have CCTV cameras and where other invigilators are present.
  • Try to make confident and normal movements while attempting the test.
  • Don’t try to be too obvious while sneaking answers to the questions.
  • Avoid using phones or other communication devices near the exam hall.


Cheating on the TEAS test may be tempting, but it is not an ideal way to improve your scores. It will be better for your academic prospects if you focus on preparing for the test rather than finding ways to cheat on it.


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