how to cut ginger for tea

how to cut ginger for tea

How to Cut Ginger for Tea

Using fresh ginger root to make tea is a great way to spice up your balance of flavors and reap the many health benefits of ginger. Here are the easy steps for cutting ginger for tea!

1. Clean the Ginger Root

First, rinse the ginger root with cool water to get rid of any dirt or debris. Scrub the root with a soft brush if it’s particularly dirty.

2. Remove the Skin

Using a spoon, a pairing knife, or a peeler, remove the skin from the ginger root. Be sure to remove all traces of skin to avoid any bitter or unpleasant flavors in your tea.

3. Slice or Grate the Ginger

Slice the ginger root into thin slices or grate it into a fine powder. Depending on the flavor you want in your tea and the type of brewing method you’re using, the size and texture of the ginger will vary.

4. Make Your Tea

It’s time to make your tea! Add the slices or ground ginger to the hot water and let it steep for 5-10 minutes before retrieving your tea.

5. Enjoy!

Ginger tea is a great way to reap the many health benefits of ginger while also enjoying a spicy, flavorful cup of tea. Enjoy!

Tips for Chopping Ginger for Tea:

  • Keep a paper towel handy to clean up any ginger root from your countertop as you go.
  • Use a low blade speed on a food processor if slicing or grating ginger with a machine.
  • If using sliced ginger, make sure the slices are thin to allow for the flavors to infuse into the tea.
  • Use the freshest ginger root for the best flavor.


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