how to display tea cups

how to display tea cups

How to Display Tea Cups

Tea cups can be an eye-catching decoration for your home, so it’s important to know the best way to display them. Here are some tips on how to showcase these timeless pieces of pottery.

1. Choose a Focal Point

Before you start arranging your tea cup display, decide what will be the centrepiece of your collection. It could be the biggest or most ornate cup, a special design, or one with a unique shape. Use this as the focus of your arrangement, and arrange the other cups around it.

2. Paint the Wall

In order to make your tea cups appear more eye-catching, try painting the wall where they will be displayed a bright color. This will make the colours of the cups pop and create a more interesting display.

3. Add Some Greenery

Another great way to make your tea cups stand out is to add some greenery around them. A potted plant or hanging fern can look great when surrounded by a collection of cups.

4. Hang Up the Cups

Hanging up tea cups is a great way to display them in your home. You can either hang them from the ceiling with hooks, or display them on a wall using cup hooks. This will create a vertical display that adds a touch of height and drama to the room.

5. Buy a Tea Cup Stand

If you want to keep your tea cups off the wall, you can purchase a tea cup stand. This is an attractive way to show off your collection, as the stand will hold multiple cups, letting everyone appreciate each one.

6. Create an Eclectic Display

If you want to create a unique display, try mixing up different sizes and shapes of tea cups. This will create an interesting visual effect that will draw the eye and keep people guessing.


No matter how you choose to display your tea cups, make sure that your arrangement reflects your personal style. With some creativity and the right arrangement, you can create a stunning display that will be the focal point of any room.


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