how to display tea set

how to display tea set

Creating a Beautiful Display For Your Tea Set

Having a beautiful tea set is a lovely way to enjoy an afternoon tea with friends. Alternatively, displaying a tea set can be a calm and beautiful way of decorating your kitchen or dining room. Here are a few ways that you can show off your tea set in the most exquisite way:

1. Choose A Table Or Shelf

The first step to creating an eye-catching display space for your tea set is to choose either a sturdy table or shelf. You may wish to choose a shelf or table in front of a window, or even a corner of the room. The table or shelf should be accessible and also give you the space to show off your set in its full glory.

2. Layer Pieces

Layering your pieces can give a beautiful 3D effect to your display. For example, you can put a folded shirt or tea towel in the middle of the table, and around it you can carefully position the cups, saucers and teapot. Having this ‘flat landscape’ in the middle of your display can be a great way to tie the pieces together into one beautiful set.

3. Add Accessories

Adding a few accessories can give balance and create a more complete look to your display. Small accessories such as a teaspoon, a placemat or a small bowl of sugar lumps are a great way to decorate a table. Alternatively, you could add a scented candle for a charming touch.

4. Highlight Unique Pieces

For those of you who have a few special pieces in your tea set, such as a cup or teapot with a beautiful design, this is a nice way to draw attention to it. You can bring attention to your special piece by positioning it in the centre of the table or shelf, while the other pieces are carefully arranged around it. You can also put a light above your special piece to create a stunning effect.

All in all, displaying a tea set can be a lovely way to give your home a sense of elegance and warmth. So put on your favourite tea blend, follow these steps and you should have a beautiful tea set display for your kitchen or dining room in no time!


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