how to display tea towels at a craft fair

how to display tea towels at a craft fair

How to Display Tea Towels at a Craft Fair

Are you looking to display your tea towels at a craft fair? Here are some suggestions you may want to consider.

Step 1: Choose an Upright Display

Choosing an upright display is the best way to showcase your tea towels. Be creative and look for something that is eye-catching and shows the towels off in the best possible way. Think about how you want the customer to experience the towels when looking at them – you don’t want them to be too close together, or too far away, for example.

Step 2: Add Color

Adding a colorful backdrop to your display will immediately draw attention from potential customers. Select a backdrop that either coordinates with one of the colors of your towels, or to create contrast. Consider using fabric that has multiple colors, or even create a unique design with multiple fabrics.

Step 3: Incorporate Accessories

Incorporating accessories into your display will help draw attention. Think outside the box – you could use baskets to display the towels or hang them in different ways. You could also use ribbons and wrapping paper to give them a festive look.

Step 4: Give It a Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch is essential when displaying your tea towels. If you’re creating them yourself, include something that speaks to their level of craftsmanship. Maybe a handwritten note or a special technique that you used to make them?

Step 5: Provide Information

Finally, make sure you provide plenty of information about the towels. Give potential customers details about the materials and techniques used to create them. Also provide price information, and consider offering deals or discounts to encourage sales.


Displaying tea towels at a craft fair does not have to be difficult. With the right approach, you can create an eye-catching, cost-effective display that will draw attention and help you make sales. By choosing an upright display, adding color, incorporating accessories, giving it a personal touch, and providing information, you will be sure to make a great impression!


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