how to dry mint leaves for tea

how to dry mint leaves for tea

Drying Mint Leaves for Tea

Making fresh aromatic tea is possible when you have a good supply of mint leaves. To ensure your tea is full of flavour, the leaves must be dried correctly. Here are the steps on how to dry mint leaves for tea:

Step 1: Harvest your Mint Leaves

Before you start to dry your leaves, you will need to harvest them. Look for large healthy leaves that are free of blemishes and then clip them using a pair of scissors or a sharp knife.

Step 2: Set-up for Drying

The drying process needs to be done in an enclosed place with low humidity and plenty of ventilation. Spread your mint leaves in a single layer onto a towel or between two sheets of kitchen paper. Place them in an area with good airflow.

Step 3: Allow the Leaves to Dry Out

Leave the leaves to dry out, this usually takes between 24-48 hours but can take longer in damp weather. The leaves will look dried and slightly brown when ready.

Step 4: Store the Leaves

Once the leaves are dried be sure to store them properly. Place the leaves in an air-tight container, sealing out any moisture, in a dry and dark place.

Tips for Preservation

To ensure that your mint leaves maintain the utmost flavour and quality:

  • Keep Leaves Separated – separate the leaves from each other, avoiding any clumps as again that prevents airflow.
  • Watch for Condensation – if condensation appears on the inside of the container, leave the lid off for a time to allow the moisture to evaporate.
  • Check for Freshness – if the leaves start to feel moist or if any mildew starts to form, dispose of them immediately.
  • Re-dry Every Few Months – to ensure the freshness of your leaves, dry them again periodically.

Following these steps will ensure you have the best quality mint leaves at your disposal for making that wonderfully fresh cup of tea. Enjoy!


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