how to get rid of a burnt tongue from tea

how to get rid of a burnt tongue from tea

The Causes and Treatment of a Burnt Tongue from Tea

Having a burnt tongue from tea is a painful and uncomfortable experience, whether it’s due to the temperature of the tea or excessive consumption of acidic and caffeinated tea. Here are a few steps to avoiding and helping to get rid of a burnt tongue when it’s happened.

Causes of a Burnt Tongue from Tea

  • Drinking tea that is too hot.
  • Drinking excessively acidic and caffeinated tea.
  • Having a condition or disorder that makes the tongue more sensitve than normal.

Treatment for a Burnt Tongue from Tea

  • Drink plenty of cold water: The first thing to do when you notice your tongue has been burnt from tea is to drink plenty of cold water. This will help to soothe the area and will help to reduce the discomfort.
  • Avoid acidic and caffeinated food and drinks: It is best to completely avoid acidic and caffeinated food and drinks until the burnt feeling goes away, as these can aggravate the area and make the symptoms worse.
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water: A salt water rinse can help reduce swelling and discomfort as it draws away fluid from the burnt area, while also helping to cleanse your mouth and reduce inflammation.
  • Apply a cold compress: Applying a cold compress or a cloth soaked in cold water can help reduce pain and inflammation. Make sure to apply the cold compress for no longer than 15 minutes at a time.

It is important to take steps to avoid burning your tongue in the first place, such as letting your tea cool down before taking a sip and limiting how much tea you drink and how often. If you do suffer from a burnt tongue from tea, following these steps may help to reduce or get rid of the burning sensation altogether.


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