how to get tea in let’s go pikachu

how to get tea in let’s go pikachu

How to Get Tea in Let’s Go Pikachu

Tea is one of the many fun items you can collect in Let’s Go Pikachu. The game is an entry in the well-known Nintendo Pokemon franchise and allows you to play as either Ash or a female character, and to catch, train, and battle Pokemon to complete your collection. To get Tea, there are two methods.

Method 1

  • Train Your Pokemon – Training your Pokemon gives you XP which can be exchanged for various items like Tea.
  • Go to the Pokecenter – Inside the Pokecenter, you can trade your XP for Tea.

Method 2

  • Visit a Pokemart – In each Pokemon town, you can visit the local Pokemart and buy Tea.
  • Look for Tea Carts – Randomly throughout the game, you can find Tea Carts that sell Tea.

In some special areas of the game, you can find even rarer Teas that can be used for Buffs and Healing. Be on the lookout for these rare finds!

Getting Tea in Let’s Go Pikachu is easy and fun. With these two methods, you’ll be able to add Tea to your list of items. Happy catching and battling!


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