how to get tea leaves stardew

how to get tea leaves stardew

How to Get Tea Leaves in Stardew Valley

Using Stumps

  • Cut down the stumps located in Cindersap Forest and The Sewers with an axe.
  • Tea Leaves will randomly drop from the stumps.

Growing Tea Trees

  • Buy Tea Saplings from The JojaMart.
  • Use Fertilizer to increase the crop’s chances of getting higher-quality tea leaves.
  • Harvest your Tea Tree once it’s grown for up to three Tea Leaves. You will get one for every harvest.

Purchasing from Pierre’s

  • Purchase a bundle of Tea Leaves from Pierre’s General Store.
  • This bundle cost 150g and contains three Tea Leaves.


  • You can also find Tea Leaves by foraging.
  • Forage inside the mountain area and the Secret Woods.

With Friends

  • Ask your friends for Tea Leaves as a gift.
  • Sometimes they will send you Tea Leaves if you ask nicely!


Getting Tea Leaves in Stardew Valley can be done in several ways. You can cut down stumps, grow tea trees, purchase bundles from Pierre’s General Store, forage in the mountain area or secret woods, or even ask your friends for them as a gift. So get out there and get some Tea Leaves!


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