how to harvest lavender for tea

how to harvest lavender for tea

How to Harvest Lavender for Tea

Harvesting lavender for tea is a simple process that can provide you with a delicious floral taste. Lavender tea can be used as a caffeine-free substitute for black tea and can be combined with other flavors for a unique flavor. Here are the steps to harvesting your lavender for tea:

Harvesting Lavender for Tea

  • Identify your Lavender. To harvest lavender for tea, it’s important to make sure you have identified the species you want to harvest. You can use common English lavender or its valence’ variants such as lavendin. Some species might have a stronger floral flavor while others might have hints of citrus or spice. Once you have identified which species you would like to harvest, you can proceed with the next step.
  • Check the Lavender bloom. To ensure an optimal flavor, you should harvest the blooms when they are at peak flowering. Blooms can last anywhere between 6 and 10 weeks, depending on the species and growing conditions. Generally, the best time to harvest is just before the plant begins to form lavender buds. To achieve the optimal flavor, it’s important to harvest the blooms when they are in full bloom.
  • Harvest your Lavender. To begin harvesting your lavender, use scissors, or secateurs, and cut the stem just below the flower heads. Make sure to cut from the top of the stem to preserve the leaves and other parts of the plant. Once you have cut the stems, gather the blooms into bunches, and use rubber bands to secure them. Hang the bunches upside down for two to three weeks in a dry, dark place, and the blooms should dry out.
  • Enjoy your Fresh Lavender Tea. Once your blooms have dried out, you can store them in an airtight container and enjoy them as tea. Use one tablespoon of dried lavender per cup of hot water and let it steep for 10 minutes before straining the tea. Enjoy your freshly harvested lavender tea!


Harvesting lavender for tea is a simple but rewarding process. Once you have identified the species, checked the blooms, and harvested the plant, you can enjoy a delicious floral tea. So get out there and start harvesting your lavender for tea!


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