how to make english tea

how to make english tea

How to Make a Perfect Cup of English Tea

Making an unforgettable cup of tea is a British tradition that has been around for centuries. Here is a simple guide on how to make the perfect cup of English tea:

Step 1: Gather the Tools

  • Teapot
  • Strainer
  • Teaspoon
  • Kettle
  • Loose-Leaf Tea
  • Fragrant Herbs (optional)

Step 2: Measure Out Tea and Heat Water

Using a teaspoon, scoop 1 teaspoon of loose-leaf tea into your teapot per person. If you like a more intensely flavored tea, add 1 extra teaspoon. Heat up your kettle or pot of water to a rolling boil; any hotter and the tea may become bitter and unpleasant.

Step 3: Add Herbs (Optional)

If you prefer, you can add in any herbs of your choice, such as chamomile, lavender, or lemon balm. This can add a sweet, floral flavor to the tea that may help enhance the general flavor.

Step 4: Pour Water over Tea Leaves

Once the kettle has reached a rolling boil, slowly and gently pour the water into the teapot over the tea leaves. Make sure to pour in a gentle, circular pattern so that all of the tea leaves are infused with hot water.

Step 5: Allow Tea to Steep

Leave the teapot to steep for 3-5 minutes. This allows all of the flavors from the tea to be absorbed into the water.

Step 6: Strain and Serve

Once fully brewed, strain the tea into cups for serving.

Step 7: Add Milk or Sweetener (Optional)

If desired, you can add a splash of milk or a spoonful of sugar, honey, or other sweetener to taste.

After these steps you will have a perfect cup of English tea. Enjoy!


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