how to make good chai tea

how to make good chai tea

How to Make Good Chai Tea

Chai tea is one of the most popular drinks worldwide, and for good reason. Its exotic flavor and aroma are unparalleled! Here’s a simple guide for making a delicious cup of chai tea:

Step 1: Choose Your Tea

When it comes to making the perfect cup of chai tea, the type of tea leaves you use makes all the difference. Black tea is the most popular choice, as it gives the drink its signature taste and aroma. You can also opt for green tea or even flavored tea, such as earl grey.

Step 2: Add the “Chai” Spices

The name “chai” is derived from the Hindi word for “tea”. Traditional chai tea is usually made with a blend of spices including:

  • Cardamom for sweetness and a subtle floral flavor
  • Clove for a warm and spicy flavor
  • Cinnamon for a sweet, earthy flavor
  • Ginger for a zesty, pungent taste
  • Black Pepper for a slight kick of heat

Many people also like to add star anise for a touch of licorice flavor. You can use store-bought “chai tea spice” or create your own custom blend.

Step 3: Add Milk and Sweetener

The type of milk you use is entirely up to you. Whole milk lends a creamy texture to the tea, while plant-based alternatives like almond or oat milk give it a lighter texture.

Once you’ve added the milk of your choice, it’s time to sweeten it. Some people prefer to use sugar, while others opt for honey or maple syrup. You can also omit the sweetener completely if you prefer.

Step 4: Simmer and Strain

Once all of the ingredients are added to the pot, gently simmer them for a few minutes, stirring occasionally. Once the tea has reached the desired strength, strain it into cups and enjoy!


Making an authentic cup of chai tea is surprisingly easy, and with a little bit of practice you can get it just right. With the right ingredients and a bit of care, you can make a delicious chai that will be enjoyed by all!


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