how to make hot tea

how to make hot tea

How to Make Hot Tea

Making hot tea is a simple and enjoyable ritual that is steeped in history and culture. It’s easy to make a basic cup of hot tea, but there are many nuances of technique that can take it to the next level! Here’s everything you need to know about how to make a perfect cup of hot tea.

Gather the Materials

You will need:

  • Tea: Choose the type of tea you want, such as green, black, or herbal. Loose-leaf tea is preferable, for a stronger flavor.
  • Kettle: Choose a kettle that is designed for boiling water. Ensure it is clean, and don’t overfill it.
  • Strainer: A good strainer will smoothly remove the tea from the water. You can use a simple tea strainer or a teapot with an infuser.
  • Teacup: Pre-warm the cup with hot water to keep the tea warm.

Prepare the Kettle

Fill the kettle with freshly drawn, cold water. Boil the water, but do not boil it for too long (3-5 minutes depending on the kettle).

Brew the Tea

While the kettle is boiling, take your desired amount of tea and place it in the strainer. For a single cup of tea, you will use 1-2 teaspoons of loose-leaf tea.

Once the water has boiled, it’s time to pour it over the tea. Hold the strainer in the teacup, and pour the water over the tea slowly. Allow the tea to steep for the desired time; 3-5 minutes is the suggested timing.


When the tea has finished steeping, remove the strainer and enjoy your hot tea. If desired, you can add milk, honey, or other flavorings to enhance the flavor. Enjoy your cup of tea!


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