how to make infused tea


How to Make Infused Tea

Infused tea is a delicious way to enjoy the calming effects of tea, with additional flavors and beneficial plant compounds for extra health benefits. Making infused tea is easy and can be tailored to your individual tastes, offering an array of tasty options.

Ingredients Needed:


    • Any herb or spice


    • 1 cup of water


    • 1 black, green, oolong or white tea bag or 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea




    • Heat water to approximately 175 degrees Fahrenheit.


    • Place herbs or spices (1 – 2 tablespoons) into a tea strainer or a tea ball.


    • Place tea ball, strainer, or tea leaves into a mug or heat-safe pot.


    • Pour hot water into mug or pot and let steep for 6 – 10 minutes.


    • Once desired strength is reached, remove tea ball, strainer, or tea leaves.


    • Enjoy your infused tea and the beneficial plant compounds it has to offer.


Once you have mastered the basics of making infused tea, you can experiment with herbs and spices to achieve flavor variations, such as ginger and turmeric for an energizing tea or chamomile and lavender for a calming tea.

The health benefits of infused tea can be increased when it is combined with other nutritious ingredients, such as fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, and natural sweeteners for added flavor. Be sure to use herbs, spices, and other ingredients that are both safe to consume and provide beneficial health benefits.

Infusing tea is a relaxing activity that can be used to create delicious beverages to be enjoyed with friends and family.

Start experimenting and see what flavorful combinations you can come up with for your next cup of infused tea!


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