how to make jasmine milk tea


How to Make Jasmine Milk Tea

Making delicious jasmine tea is here to stay, and adding a bit of milky sweetness creates a drink that’s sure to become a favorite. Here’s how to make a lovely cup of jasmine milk tea.



    • Jasmine Tea Leaves: 1 tablespoon or 2-3 Jasmine tea bags


    • Sugar: 2-3 teaspoons of your favorite sweetener


    • Hot Water: 2 cups


    • Milk: ½ cup (optional)




    1. In a medium-sized pot, heat 2 cups of water to just below boiling. Remove the pot from heat and add the tea leaves or tea bags.


    1. Allow the tea to steep for 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent the tea from becoming too strong.


    1. Strain the tea into a cup, discarding the leaves or tea bags, and add sugar to sweeten to taste.


    1. Add ½ cup of milk to the cup if desired.


    1. Stir until the sugar is fully dissolved and enjoy your homemade jasmine milk tea.




    • Steep the tea for too long, and the tea may become bitter. If this happens, simply add more sugar to sweeten it up.


    • For an extra flavor boost, opt for jasmine green tea or jasmine oolong tea.


    • If you don’t have access to fresh jasmine tea leaves, many grocery stores sell pre-packaged jasmine tea bags and cans of jasmine tea concentrate.


Jasmine milk tea is a classic drink that’s sure to hit the spot no matter what the occasion. From adding a punch of flavor to any day to offering a comforting cup to friends and family, a cup of homemade jasmine milk tea can’t be beat.


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