how to make mushroom tea youtube

how to make mushroom tea youtube

How To Make Mushroom Tea YouTube

Mushroom tea is an increasingly popular beverage, renowned for its potential health benefits and pleasant taste. This tea can easily be made at home, and you can document the process by recording it and then uploading it to YouTube. Here we will explain how to make mushroom tea, and the key steps to make a successful YouTube video.

Making The Tea

Making mushroom tea is a fairly straightforward process.

  • Preparing The Mushrooms – Your mushrooms of choice should be properly dried and ground into a fine powder. If using capsules, simply open them up and add the contents to a cup.
  • The Tea Base – You can use either hot or cold water for the tea base. Alternatively, some people prefer to use these other options:
    • Milk
    • Hot cider
    • Herbal tea

  • Adding The Mushrooms -pour the mushroom powder into the tea base of your choice.
  • Let It Steep -depending on how strong you’d like the flavor of your mushroom tea, you can let it steep for several seconds or up to 10 minutes.
  • Add Sweetener (Optional) -if you prefer your mushroom tea to be sweet, add a desired sweetener. Honey, maple syrup and stevia are popular options.
  • Enjoy Your Tea! -after following the steps above, your mushroom tea is ready to be served. Go ahead and enjoy!

Making A YouTube Video

Creating and uploading a video of your mushroom tea-making process to YouTube is easy. The key is to make yours stand out from other videos. Here are some tips to help you do that:

  • Good Quality Audio & Video -Your video should havegood quality audio and video. Make sure no background noise (like music or talking) is present, and ensure that your filming set-up is professional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Create An Attention-Grabbing Title & Description -Attention-grabbing titles and descriptions will draw the viewer’s eye and will get them interested in your content.
  • Demonstrate Your Steps Clearly & Thoroughly -Make sure to demonstrate each step along the procedure clearly. Start from the very beginning and explain each step in a concise, easy to understand manner.
  • Include Facts & Information -Include facts and information about the potential health benefits of having mushroom tea. This will make your video more interesting, and may even help answer any questions the viewers may have.
  • Personalize Your Video -Personalize your video to your own style and preference. This will make your video stand out and leave a lasting impression on the viewer.


Making and uploading mushroom tea videos to YouTube is easy and fun. Just make sure that you follow the steps for both making the tea and creating the video itself. With these steps and tips, you can create a successful and engaging YouTube video tutorial on how to make mushroom tea. Enjoy and good luck!


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