how to make peppermint tea taste better

how to make peppermint tea taste better

How to Make Peppermint Tea Taste Better

Drinking peppermint tea can be an excellent way to reap the benefits of its relaxing properties, as well as its rich, uplifting flavor. To further maximize your tea enjoyment, here are some tips on how to make peppermint tea even better:

1. Add a Few Drops of Lemon Juice

Adding a few drops of fresh lemon juice to your tea can bring out peppermint’s refreshing flavor, as well as its other aromatic essential oils. Lemon also helps to boost your metabolism, making it a great addition to your tea regardless of its flavor.

2. Sweeten with Honey

The subtle sweetness of honey is the perfect accompaniment to peppermint tea. Use an organic honey if you can, as it will not only bring out the flavor of the peppermint but also provide you with various health benefits.

3. Add Cinnamon or Cloves

A pinch of spices like cinnamon and cloves can give your peppermint tea a whole new level of flavor. Both will bring out the natural sweetness of the peppermint and give your tea a warm, comforting finish.

4. Use Fresh Peppermint Leaves

For a truly flavorful cup of tea, use fresh peppermint leaves. Fresh peppermint will enhance the flavor, as well as the health benefits, of the tea.

5. Add a Dash of Milk or Cream

Milk and cream can be a great addition to tea, and peppermint tea is no exception. Adding a small amount of either one to your tea can create a much creamier, richer flavor.

6. Experiment with Herbal Teas

If you’d like to take your tea game up a notch, try adding other herbs like chamomile, ginger, or lavender to your peppermint tea. These herbs can create unique flavor profiles and offer various health benefits.

7. Make Ice Peppermint Tea

Another way to enhance the flavor of your peppermint tea is to make it with ice. Simply steep a strong batch of tea, and then pour it over a glass of ice. This variation can be particularly nice on warm days.


Making peppermint tea taste better can be done in multiple ways, allowing you to choose whichever one suits you best. Whether you add a few drops of lemon, sweeten with honey, or experiment with spices and other herbs, you can get the most out of your favorite tea.


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