how to make perfect tea

how to make perfect tea

How to Make The Perfect Cup of Tea

Making the perfect cup of tea is an art. It takes skill, knowledge and patience to make it just right. Whether you’re making black tea, green tea, white tea or herbal tea, here are some tips to help you get the best cup of tea possible.

The Tea

  • Choose high-quality tea. Quality of the tea is paramount to make the perfect cup of tea. Using low-grade tea may result in a weak, overly-bitter or bland cup of tea.
  • The type of tea you choose greatly affects the flavor. Choose a black tea if you crave a full-bodied tea, or a green tea if you prefer a more subtle flavor.
  • Use fresh tea leaves. Old tea leaves won’t give you the best flavor.


  • Start with cold water. Don’t use warm or hot water.
  • Use freshly-boiled water.
  • Use filtered water or mineral water for the best flavor.

Brew Time

  • The amount of time your tea needs to brew depends on the type you’re brewing. Generally, 2-4 minutes will do.
  • If you’re using a teapot, the lid should be left on until the tea is ready to be poured into cups.


  • Use fresh cups.
  • Always strain the tea into a cup before serving.
  • Add cream, sugar, or whatever other additions you may like.
  • Enjoy your perfect cup of tea!

Making the perfect cup of tea isn’t hard once you know the tips and tricks. Start with high-quality tea leaves, use cold, freshly-boiled water and brew the tea for the right amount of time. Then, strain the tea into fresh cups and add any additions you may like. Finally, sit back and enjoy your perfect cup of tea!


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