how to make stronger tea

how to make stronger tea

How to Make Stronger Tea

Tea is an age-old beverage beloved by many cultures across the world. Whether you’re drinking a delicately flavored green tea or an aromatic black tea — the base ingredient is the same and the method to make a stronger cup of tea is universal. Here’s how to get a robust cup of tea every time:

1. Choose the Right Tea

When trying to make a stronger cup of tea, it’s important to use quality ingredients. Pick a tea option that appeals to your taste buds:

  • Black Tea: Strong, robust flavor, a good choice for adding milk to your brew
  • Green Tea: Citrusy and earthy notes, a healthy choice for regular consumption
  • Oolong Tea: Complex, sweet taste, a good tea for blending with other ingredients

2. Use Hot Water

One of the most important aspects of producing a strong cup of tea is the water itself. Opt for water that’s boiled and still hot as this will act as the base for your tea infusion.

3. Increase Amount of Tea Leaves

For a stronger cup of tea, increase the amount of leaves. Generally, double the dose that’s recommended in the instructions. This will protect against any weakening factors such as over-brewing.

4. Increase the Brewing Time

Brewing time greatly affects the flavor of the tea. Allow the tea to brew for an extra minute or two. Check up on your pot every once in a while to ensure that the leaves are not over-brewed.

5. Add Milk for Extra Strength

For a truly robust cup of tea, consider adding milk. The milk not only adds depth to the flavor, but it also increases the thickness of your tea. For those who prefer their tea slightly sweeter, adding milk works as a great substitute for sugar.


Brewing a strong cup of tea doesn’t have to tricky. By following the steps mentioned above, you’ll be able to brew your favorite tea with a richer flavor every time!


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