how to make tea blends to sell

how to make tea blends to sell

Making Tea Blends to Sell

With the rise of specialty shops and the ever-advancing demand for unique teas and teas blends, many people are getting into the business of creating and selling tea blends. Here’s a guide to get you started with developing your own signature tea blends.

Research the Market

Before you start to devise your special tea blends, it’s important to do basic market research first. Think about what other tea producers are already offering and what tea consumers in your area are looking for. Learn about tea types, flavors, and ingredients. You can also do a survey to get feedback on the types of tea people like and the flavors they would like in a tea blend.

Select Your Ingredients

Once you have a good understanding of the current tea landscape, you can start to select the ingredients for your tea blends. Consider:

  • Base Tea – Depending on your desired outcome, you can select from a range of single origin teas from the Camellia sinensis plant, including green, white, black, yellow, and oolong teas.
  • Flavorings and Aromatics – To customize the taste, you can add natural ingredients like dried fruits, flowers, spices, vanilla, peppermint, or cocoa. You can also find high-quality essential oils or extracts that can create unique flavors to your tea blend.
  • Creative Enhancements – To make your tea blend particularly special, you can add additional ingredients that go beyond the regular tea offering. This may include ingredients like dried chia seeds fibers, algae, coconut milk powder, or colloidal silver.

Test and Refine Your Product

Now that you have your tea ingredients selected, it’s time to create your tea blend. Carefully measure and combine your ingredients, and use a fine mesh strainer to make sure everything is mixed properly.

Then, get feedback from tea lovers by giving away samples of your tea blends. Ask people to note their impressions and comments, as well as what they would improve. Consider their feedback to refine and improve your blends until you’re confident they are market-ready.

Market and Sell Your Tea Blends

To make sure your tea blends are well-received, create unique names, packaging, and labels for them. Then use the proper channels to market and promote your teas. Research local tea shops, specialty tea markets, and online stores where you can offer your tea blends.

Now that you have the basics in place, you’ve taken the first steps to selling your own tea blends. With creative experimentation and some hard work, you’ll be on your way to developing your own popular blends that tea lovers can’t get enough of.


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