how to make tea in keurig without k-cup

how to make tea in keurig without k-cup

How to Make Tea in Keurig Without K-Cup

Brewing tea in your Keurig machine doesn’t have to be limited to K-Cup pods. Infusing your favorite tea leaves in a Keurig cup is fast, easy and can accommodate a variety of tea blends. Here’s what you need to know to make tea in your Keurig without a K-Cup.

Steps to Make Keurig Tea Without K-Cup:

  • Choose Your Tea Leaves: Choose your favorite loose leaf or herbal tea from a local store or tea seller.
  • Fill the Reusable Filter: Place the reusable filter cup on the top of your Keurig machine. Fill the filter with 1 to 2 tablespoons of your tea leaves or herbs.
  • Brew: Select the 8oz default setting, or adjust it according to your desired strength. Let the tea steep for approximately 2 minutes, then press ‘brew.’
  • Enjoy: Pour your tea into a mug or cup and enjoy!


  • If you prefer a stronger tea, use more tea leaves or brew on a higher setting.
  • If you prefer a weaker tea, simply reduce the amount of tea leaves.
  • Run a few cycles of plain hot water after you finish brewing to ensure no tea residue is left in your machine.

By following these steps you can easily make tea in your Keurig machine without K-Cup pods. Enjoy!


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