how to make tea stronger

how to make tea stronger

How to Make Tea Stronger

If you love the taste of tea, but you’re looking to make it a little more robust, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to make tea stronger without detracting from its flavor.

Choose Your Leaves

The first step to making a stronger cup of tea is finding the tea leaves that meet your needs. Here are some tried and tested tea leaves with great flavor and a stronger brew:

  • Assam: Assam tea is full-bodied, malty and robust and makes for a great morning pick-me-up.
  • Keemun: Keemun tea is a Chinese black tea that has an earthy, nutty taste and makes for a satisfying cup of tea.
  • Lapsang Souchong: This intense tea is smoked over burning pine and has a bold, smoky flavor.

Pick the Right Tea Pot

Your choice of tea pot should match the type of tea that you’re using. Choose one that’s large enough to let the leaves expand and move around during steeping. This will help you to draw out more of the flavor and make a stronger brew.

Opt for Longer Steeping Times

Once you’ve selected your leaves and your tea pot, you can move onto steeping your leaves. For a stronger cup of tea, make sure to steep for longer than you normally would. Generally, 2-3 minutes should be enough for a flavorful brew, but you can go up to 5-7 minutes for a stronger flavor.

Add Milk or Sugar

Adding milk or sugar can help to make your tea stronger. While milk will add sweetness and creaminess to your tea, sugar will help to make the flavor more intense. You can also add a bit of both for an even stronger cup of tea.


Making a stronger cup of tea doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right ingredients and methods, you can make tea that’s both flavorful and robust. So the next time you make tea, follow these steps and you’ll be sure to enjoy a cup that’s strong and satisfying.


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