how to make tea with just leaves

how to make tea with just leaves

How To Make Tea With Just Leaves

Do you prefer to go green and avoid tea bags? Then why not make your own tea, with just leaves? It is easy and very rewarding in both taste and feel. Here is how to make tea with just leaves:

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

  • Tea Leaves: Use one teaspoon of your favorite type of tea leaves for each cup of tea.
  • Measuring Spoon: This will help you measure the exact number of tea leaves for each cup of tea.
  • Tea Pot: Choose a pot that is at least equal in size to the number of cups of tea you want to make, plus an extra cup.
  • Kettle: A conventional kettle is the most convenient way to heat the water necessary for making tea.

Step 2: Prepare the Tea Leaves

  • Add the tea leaves in the bottom of your pot.
  • Slowly pour hot water over the tea leaves.
  • Gently stir the tea leaves with a spoon to help release their natural aroma and flavor.

Step 3: Steep the Tea Leaves

  • Allow the tea leaves to steep in the hot water for at least two minutes.
  • For green and white teas, steep for only one minute.
  • For black and herbal teas, steep for about three minutes.

Step 4: Serve the Tea

  • Strain the tea leaves from the pot into a cup or mug.
  • Discard the tea leaves.
  • Enjoy your homemade tea!

Making tea with just leaves can be an enjoyable and easy way to enjoy a cup of your favorite tea. Have fun experimenting with different types of tea leaves and find out which ones you like the best!


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