how to remove a tea stain

how to remove a tea stain

Removing Tea Stains

Having a tea-stain on your favorite clothes can be a nightmare, but don’t fret as this helpful guide is here to help you tackle that stubborn stain. While tea stains can be tricky to remove, there are various techniques to try before throwing your clothes away.


  • Cold Water Treatment – If you act quickly and treat the stain while it is still fresh, cold water is usually a successful treatment. For best results, fill a pile of cold water and add some household laundry detergent. Soak the cloth for up to 2 hours and then wash as normal.
  • White Vinegar – This all-purpose product is great for removing tea stains. Dilute a cup of white vinegar in cold water, then somke the stained area with a rag or sponge and rub gently. Rinse the cloth thoroughly after, and if the stain still won’t budge, repeat the method.
  • Aspirin – Surprisingly, you can use aspirin to help tackle tea stains. Crush 2 tablets of aspirin, stir into a small bowl of water and stir until the tablets dissolve. Dip your stained cloth into the solution and leave to soak for an hour, then rinse thoroughly and wash as normal.
  • Lemon Juice – Lemon juice is a fantastic natural stain remover, and is very effective when tackling tea-stains. To use, simply dampen the stained area with the lemon juice and rub with a rag or sponge. After applying, toss the cloth in the washing machine and wash as usual.
    • Tips

      • If possible, wash the stained area quickly after spilling the tea.
      • Leave the cloth to soak for an hour depending on the severity of the stain.
      • Always read the cloth’s label before attempting to remove the stain.
      • When adding detergent, it’s best to use one of a good quality, specifically designed for stain removals.
      • Always rinse the cloth thoroughly after applying the treatment.

      Having a tea stain doesn’t mean you have to throw away your favorite garment. Use these methods and tips to tackle that pesky tea-stain and get your cloth looking better than new!


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