how to say green tea in japanese

how to say green tea in japanese

How to say Green Tea in Japanese

If you want to talk about green tea in Japanese, there are several different ways, depending on the kanji used and the context.

Standard Japanese

The standard Japanese word for green tea is ryokucha (緑茶) This word is composed of two characters: 緑 (“ryoku”) which means green; and 茶 (“cha”) which means tea.


In informal contexts, the word “ocha” (お茶) can be used to refer to green tea too. This is because the word “ocha” can also be used to refer to “tea” in general.

Different Kinds of Green Tea

If you are talking about different kinds of green tea, the following terms can be used:

  • Matcha (抹茶): a powdered green tea made with high-quality leaves
  • Sencha (煎茶): green tea brewed with leaves that are steamed and dried
  • Genmaicha (玄米茶): a blend of tea leaves and roasted brown rice
  • Hoji­cha (ほうじ茶): tea leaves that are roasted at a high temperature

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn some helpful ways to say green tea in Japanese. Once you have the basics memorized, you are ready to have tea conversations in Japanese!


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