how to say green tea in japanese

how to say green tea in japanese

How To Say “Green Tea” In Japanese

Learning a few simple phrases and words can really help you when travelling in Japan. One of the most useful phrases to know is “green tea,” which you can say in Japanese as “ocha“.

Green Tea In Japan

Green tea, or ocha, as it’s known in Japan, is an essential part of the culture. Green tea is served at virtually every meal, and is often used as a sign of hospitality towards guests.

How To Prepare Green Tea

To prepare green tea, the leaves are usually placed in a teapot known as a kyūsu. Water is then brought to the boil and poured over the leaves, making the famous ocha. If you’re preparing your own green tea, be sure to steep it for the right amount of time; 1 minute for sencha and gyokuro, and 2-3 minutes for lower-grade teas.

Green Tea Etiquette

When having green tea in Japan, there are some etiquette rules you should observe. When offering or receiving green tea, it’s polite to pour the tea for others first before pouring for yourself. This is a sign of respect, and is considered the proper way to drink tea in Japan.

Easily Order Green Tea In Japan

Now that you know how to say “green tea” in Japanese and the etiquette for having it, you can easily order green tea when you’re out and about. You’ll find it served in almost all restaurants, cafes and bars.


  • ocha is the Japanese word for “green tea”
  • Green tea is an essential part of Japanese culture
  • Teapots known as kyūsu are used to prepare ocha
  • It’s polite to pour tea for others before pouring for yourself
  • You’ll find green tea served in almost all restaurants and cafes in Japan


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