how to sell sterling silver coffee/ tea set

how to sell sterling silver coffee/ tea set

How to Sell Your Sterling Silver Coffee/Tea Set?

Selling sterling silver coffee and tea sets can be an exciting endeavor for any collector. There are several steps to take to help ensure a successful sale.

Step 1: Research

The first step in successfully selling your sterling silver set is to research. Fully understanding the value and age of your set will help you best showcase and market it.

Step 2: Clean and Photograph

Once it is clear what is being sold, the next step is to make sure everything is clean and looks as new as possible. Any tarnish, scratches or wear will reduce the value of the pieces. Once the set is clean and polished, take several photographs of all pieces in the set.

Step 3: Set a Price

The value of your set will depend on the type and age. Setting the right price that is realistic to both the seller and buyer is key to a successful sale.

Step 4: Choose Your Platform

Decide where to sell your set whether it is through an online auction, marketplace or antique/vintage store.

Step 5: Market Your Set

Once your listing is set up, make sure to fully market the set. Use social media and other websites to create a buzz around your sterling silver set.

Step 6: Negotiate

Be prepared to negotiate. Remember to state clearly upfront any conditions, rights, rules and procedures that a buyer must agree to before purchasing.

Step 7: Package your Set For Shipping

Once a sale is complete, make sure to package your set securely and safely. When shipping valuable and fragile items, purchasing additional insurance is strongly recommended.


  • Perform regular maintenance on your set to keep it looking clean and new.
  • Be honest about the condition when describing your set.
  • Include details about the set such as its age, maker, provenance, and any damages or repairs that have been done.

Selling sterling silver coffee and tea sets can be a rewarding experience. Follow these steps and you’ll find yourself on the way to a successful sale.


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