how to set table for tea party

how to set table for tea party

How to Set a Table for a Tea Party

Tea parties can be a special and enjoyable experience. Setting a table properly for a tea party creates a welcoming atmosphere for your guests and their tea experience. Follow these steps below to set a proper tea table.

Choose a Table & Setting

  • Choose a well-sized table that will fit your guests and tea accessories.
  • Consider the setting; a formal or casual tea setting will influence what table cloth, flowers, and accessories you may want to consider.
  • Choose a centerpiece that reflects the theme and composition of the tea party.

Lay your Table Cloth

  • Select a table cloth that reflects the setting of your tea party. It should be appropriate for the occasion.
  • Make sure it is long enough to hang evenly over all four sides of the table.
  • Lay it smooth with no wrinkles.

Place Your Tea Cups & Saucers

  • Set one tea cup and one saucer at each place setting.
  • Put the teacup on the right of the plate.
  • The teacup handle should be facing to the right side of the table.
  • The saucer should be placed directly beneath the cup.

Include the Silverware

  • Lay out your silverware according to the setting.
  • Typically the knives and forks are placed on the right side of the plate and the spoons are placed on the left.
  • Spoons should be placed furthest to the left.

Add Decorations

  • Add any decorations that reflect the theme of the tea party such as floral arrangements, candles, etc.
  • You may also want to include items traditionally found at tea parties such as honey, sugar cubes, creamer, jam, and butter.

Final Touches

  • Make sure the table is clean and neat before your guests arrive.
  • Place your cups and saucers, silverware, and other decorations in the appropriate spots.
  • Check chairs to make sure they are comfortable and set to the right height.

Following the steps above will ensure your tea party is set for socializing and enjoying. Tea parties are about creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests. Setting a properly laid table is a crucial and inviting part of the tea party experience.


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