how to set the table for a tea party

how to set the table for a tea party

Preparing for a Tea Party

From birthdays to bridal showers, tea parties are popular events to celebrate special moments with friends and family. To pull off the perfect tea party, there is no better way than to serve tea and treats with style with a well-decorated tea table. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be sipping tea in style in no time.

Choose a Tablecloth

Selecting the right tablecloth is the first step in creating a beautiful tea table. Opt for something simple yet elegant and make sure it’s the right size. If needed, add a lace doily on top to create the perfect surface to serve the teacups, saucers and treats.

Lay Out the China

For a traditional tea party, ensure you have a set of tea cups and saucers for each guest. Place them out on the table. Remember, the teacups should be placed with the handles facing the right side of the guest for them to properly pick them up.

Colorful Tea Napkins

To add a pop of color to the table, layer a set of tea napkins on each plate. Opt for a color that complements the tablecloth nicely.

A Teapot with Teabags

Place a teapot in the center of the table with a variety of teabag flavors, so that guests can do their own preparation. It’s good to have honey and lemon available as accompaniments.

Stylish Cutlery

Ensure that you have enough teaspoons, cake forks and knives available at the table. Place them in a way that each guest can easily access them.

Bowls with Sweet Treats

The essential ingredient for any successful tea party is a selection of delightful sweet treats. Place them in small bowls on the table so that guests can enjoy some treats with their tea. Popular treats include mini cupcakes, chocolate cookies, mini brownies, and other delicious goodies.

Table Decorations

  • Flowers: Placing some fresh flowers in a vase in the center of the table is a simple way to enhance the decorative effect.
  • Candles: Light up some scented candles around the table for an even more relaxing ambiance.

Now that the table is set for the tea party, your guests can savor the delicious treats and sip their tea cups in style. Enjoy!


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