how to set the table for afternoon tea party

how to set the table for afternoon tea party

How to Set the Table for an Afternoon Tea Party

If you’re hosting an afternoon tea party, you’ll want everything to look perfect. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to create a beautifully presented table for an afternoon tea party.


A bright and colorful tablecloth is a good choice for an afternoon tea party. Try to pick bold and vibrant colors to give the surrounding a pleasant atmosphere.

Crockery and Cutlery:

Choose your crockery and cutlery carefully, as you want your table to look as elegant as possible. If you are providing a full afternoon tea, you will need:

  • Teacups and Saucers: Use fine china for sophisticated look.
  • Tea Plates: These plates will be for sandwiches, scones, and other small items.
  • Small Plates (or saucers): These small plates are used to put your lemon peels, cream, and jam on.
  • Teapot: Always contains the freshest and most fragrant tea.
  • Creamer and Sugar Bowl: These will be used to pour and sweeten the tea.
  • Knives, Forks and Spoons: These are the most essential items for an afternoon tea party.


A centerpiece adds a touch of elegance to your table. You can choose from flowers, fruits, or anything that will match your theme.

Table Decoration:

Try to make the table look as attractive and inviting as possible. Place petite biscuits, nuts, and other delicacies in small plates around the table, and adorn the chairs with ribbons and flowers. You can also place small photos of family and friends for a warm and personal touch.

Make sure to pre-plan everything in order to create a wonderfully set table for your afternoon tea party. With these tips, you can now easily host a beautiful and elegant afternoon tea party, and your guests will surely have a great time.

Happy Hosting!


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