how to set the table for tea

how to set the table for tea

How To Set Your Table For Tea

Tea is a popular way to relax and enjoy some quiet moments to yourself. But setting the table for tea requires a few steps to make sure everything looks perfect and proper. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set your table for tea:

1. Place Tablecloth and Center Piece

Start by placing a table cloth on your chosen surface and add an aesthetically pleasing center piece. This could be anything from a rose in a vase, to a piece of artwork.

2. Set Teacups

Next, place your teacups on the table in a symmetrical fashion. Traditionally, the tea cups are left rims up and handles to the right.

3. Place Saucers and Plates

Place saucers to the right of the teacups and add a small plate. The saucer is usually placed right below the teacup.

4. Set Forks and Spoons

Fork and spoon are placed to the right of the plate. Place the fork to the left side of the plate and the spoon to the right side.

5. Place Creamer, Sugar & Tea

Place the creamer, sugar and tea on the table following the same symmetrical pattern you placed the teacups. Make sure to line them up in the same order for each individual’s place setting.

6. Add Food & Snacks

For tea, it’s traditional to offer snacks with it. Select a few small snacks like scones, biscuits, macarons, or some small sandwiches. Place the food and snacks you’ve chosen on the table in a visually pleasing manner.

7. Place Napkins

Finally, place napkins either on top of the plates or to the left of the forks. You can also opt to fold them like a swan or a fan and place them on the center of each individual’s plate.

Now you know the steps for setting your table for tea. Have fun and enjoy your company!


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