how to smoke tea

how to smoke tea

How to Smoke Tea

Smoking tea is an ancient process that can impart flavour, fragrance, and complexity to the liquid. Its effects on the tea are similar to those produced by smoking meat, as the smoke flavour is absorbed by the tea leaves. Here are the steps you need to follow to ensure success:

What You Need

  • Tea leaves
  • Wood chips
  • A wok
  • A lid for the wok

Steps to Follow

  • Set up: Put the wood chips into the wok and light them using a match or lighter. Allow the chips to smoulder rather than burn. Place the lid on the wok with a small gap open in order to draw in air.
  • Add the tea: When the smoke is thick, add the tea leaves to the wok and toss them in the smoke. Keep tossing the leaves with a spoon or tongs to ensure even coverage.
  • Smoke the tea: Once the leaves have been adequately exposed to the smoke, they should be dried. The drying time will depend on the type of wood chips and the amount of smoke used. Once the leaves are dry, the tea is ready.

Tips for Success

  • Keep the temperature lower and the smoke should last longer.
  • The smokier the flavour you want, the longer the tea leaves will need to be exposed to the smoke.
  • Different wood chips will create different flavour profiles.
  • If you add too much tea at once, it can be difficult to get the tea leaves to stay exposed to the smoke. Start out with a small amount and increase as needed.

Smoking tea is an art rather than a science, and you may need to experiment with the technique in order to find the right combination of smoke and tea that will create the flavour you desire. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to create amazing smoked teas that will impress your friends!


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