how to smoke with tea leaves

how to smoke with tea leaves

Smoking with Tea Leaves

It may sound unusual, but smoking with tea leaves is becoming a popular tradition in some parts of the world. This method of smoking uses a type of tobacco, specifically oolong, which is made into little cigarettes and smoked as one would normally do. There are several ways in which to smoke with tea leaves, but some are more common than others. Let’s take a look at how to smoke with tea leaves.


  • Prepare the Tobacco: To begin, you need to purchase the special type of tobacco made specifically for smoking with tea leaves. This type of tobacco is called oolong and it is commonly found in specialty shops. Most tobacco shops will also carry it as well.
  • Roll the Cigarettes: Once you’ve purchased the tobacco, the next step is to roll the cigarettes. You can roll them in the traditional manner, using rolling papers. Alternatively, you can purchase pre-rolled cigarettes made specifically for smoking with tea leaves.
  • Heat the Coals: Once the cigarettes are rolled, it’s time to heat the coals. You will need a coal-burning stove to do this, as the heat needs to be hot enough to burn the tea leaves. Be sure to adjust the heat accordingly so that the heat is not too low or too high.
  • Put the Tea Leaves in the Bowl: Once the coal is hot enough, you can place the tea leaves in the bowl on the stove. Be sure to keep the bowl away from direct fire, as the heat needs to be more diffused. Once the tea leaves have smoked well and have taken on a rich colour, you can move on to the next step.
  • Light the Cigarettes: Place the rolled cigarettes into the bowl and light them with a lighter or a match. Make sure the cigarettes are flame-free and do not produce too much smoke. Allow the cigarettes to burn until they are fully smoked.
  • Enjoy the Smoke:Once the cigarettes have been smoked, you can enjoy the aroma of the tea leaves. The flavour of the smoke will depend on the type of tea leaves you have used, but is usually quite pleasant and smooth. Take your time to enjoy the smoke and savour the flavour.


Smoking with tea leaves is an interesting way to experience smoking in a different way. Just be sure to purchase the right type of tobacco, prepare and roll the cigarettes correctly and make sure to heat the coals carefully. Keep in mind that smoking with tea leaves is a very delicate process and will require patience and practice to perfect. Once you’ve got the technique down, you can enjoy the unique flavour of tea leaves in a recreational way.


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