how to steep green tea

how to steep green tea

How to Steep Green Tea

Green tea is known for its many health benefits, ranging from improved heart health to weight loss. To truly reap its benefits, it’s important to steep green tea correctly. Check out these key steps for properly steeping green tea.

Choose the right tea

Not all green teas are equal. There are many varieties of green tea, such as Sencha, Matcha, Gyokuro, Bancha, and Genmaicha. Each type has its own flavor and qualities, so be sure to choose a tea that is best for your desired result.

Heat and Measure the Water

Water temperature matters. Depending on the type of green tea, you’ll need to steep your tea with water that is between 160-190 degrees Fahrenheit, which is considered a medium-to-high temperature. Aim for seven ounces of water per one teaspoon of tea, though this may change according to the tea strength preference.

Steep and Serve

Once you’ve got your water heated to the right temperature and measured it out, it’s time to steep. Brewing times differ, but generally one to three minutes of steeping is best. Once done, it’s time to pour and enjoy.

Tips for Green Tea Steeping:

  • Check the Water Temperature – always check the water temperature with a thermometer to ensure that you get the exact temperature for your tea.
  • Choose Quality Tea Leaves – for the best flavor, source good quality green tea leaves.
  • Brew in Small Batches – it’s best to brew small batches, as this helps you better control the water temperature and steep time.
  • Re-steep for More Flavor – once you’ve finished your cup of tea, you can re-steep your leaves for additional flavor.

With these steps, you can steep green tea like a pro and enjoy its many health benefits.


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