how to tea leaf reading

how to tea leaf reading

Introduction to Tea Leaf Reading

Tea leaf reading, also known as tasseomancy, is an ancient art that utilizes the shapes and patterns made by tea leaves in a cup in order to divine the future. This practice is similar to tarot, yet is more personal and intuitive, since the leaves and the cup are specially tailored for the person who wishes to have the reading done.

Steps for Tea Leaf Reading


Before performing tea leaf reading, you need to prepare the tea and cup that will be used. Begin by selecting a sturdy and clean cup with a wide rim and shallow bottom that allows the tea leaves to settle. Then, choose your favorite tea: oolong, black, or green will all work. The amount of dried tea used as well as the length of the steeping time will depend on your preference, but use more tea than you usually would in order to ensure there are plenty of leaves for the reading.

Reading the Leaves

Once your tea is ready, you’ll begin to interpret the leaves. Start by closing your eyes and focusing on the person for whom the reading is being done. If your intention is to answer a specific question, ensure to phrase the question clearly in your head as you are focusing on your intention. Pour the tea into the cup and let the leaves settle for a few moments. Look for shapes, animals, characters and symbols in the leaves.


Once you’ve identified the symbols that you saw, you can begin to interpret their meanings. Make sure to read the symbols both individually and in context with the entire cup; each symbol can have a variety of interpretations, depending on context. Additionally, take into account the position of the symbols in the cup and their relationship to each other; in general, the bottom of the cup is seen as the present moment while the rim is seen as the future.

Benefits of Tea Leaf Reading

  • Gain Insight Into the Future: Tea leaf readings can help to reveal the future paths that are available to you, as well as potential roadblocks that you’ll come across along the way.
  • Dynamic and Intuitive: Tea leaf readings provide an intuitive and dynamic approach since the leaves and cup are specific to the person for whom the reading is done.
  • Promotes Self-Reflection: In order to interpret tea leaves, you must be able to interpret your own thoughts and feelings as they relate to the symbols. In this way, tea leaf readings can help you to gain insight into yourself.


Tea leaf reading is an ancient art that can provide insightful information about the future. Tea leaf readings promote self-reflection and allow you to gain insight into the paths that are available to you, as well as potential roadblocks along the way. Once you’ve prepared the tea, cup and focused on the question or intent, you can begin to interpret the symbols and ultimately gain a more complete understanding of the message that the leaves were trying to convey.


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