how to tea leaf reading

how to tea leaf reading

How to Read Tea Leaves

Tea Leaf Reading, also called Tasseomancy or Tasseography, is an ancient divination art that uses the patterns of tea leaves in a cup for fortune telling. This mundane practice can actually be a great way to tap into your intuitive energy and connect with your inner wisdom. Here’s a guide to get started on your tea leaf reading journey.

Step 1: Choose your Tea Leaves

The type of tea leaves that you use can determine the message that you get in your reading. Popular types of tea leaves include Rooibos, Green tea, and Oolong. Each of these has a different association and will provide a different type of reading.

Step 2: Put the Leaves into a Cup

Once you have chosen your tea leaves, put them into a cup. Make sure that you leave enough room in the cup for them to move around freely as they steep in the hot water. If you are using loose leaf tea, be sure to use a strainer when pouring it into the cup.

Step 3: Read the Leaves

Once you have steeped the tea, remove the strainer if you are using one and let the leaves settle at the bottom of the cup. Now it’s time to start interpreting the patterns that you see in the leaves. As you look at each pattern, also pay attention to how it resonates with you.

Interpret the Patterns

When interpreting the leaves, there are several things to consider. For example, the shape of the pattern can tell you something about the message that it represents. A curved shape might be associated with emotions while a triangular shape can represent thoughts.

It is also important to look at the overall shape of the leaves in the cup, as well as the individual leaves. This can give you an overall impression of the message that you are receiving.

Other Patterns To Look For:

  • Lines
  • Colors
  • Symbols
  • Numbers

Finally, be sure to trust your intuition when reading the tea leaves. This is a powerful method of divination, and the message that you receive might be difficult to interpret at first. But with practice, you will become more and more confident in your readings.

Happy reading!


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