how to tea leaf reading

how to tea leaf reading

Tea Leaf Reading – An Ancient Art

Tea Leaf Reading, also known as Tasseography, is a traditional form of fortune-telling practiced by many cultures for centuries. It involves interpreting patterns found in tea leaves left at the bottom of a cup after the tea is finished.

How to Read Tea Leaves

  1. To begin, steep the tea of your choice and pour it into a cup. A white or light-colored cup is preferred, as this will make it easier to spot symbols formed by the tea leaves.
  2. When it’s finished steeping and the tea is warm, but not hot, begin drinking the tea. As you reach the bottom of the cup, pay attention to the patterns the tea leaves make.
  3. After you finish the tea, tilt the cup slightly into the saucer and gently swirl it around in a circle to allow the tea leaves to move.
  4. When you’ve finished swirling, carefully look for symbols among the tea leaves. Your interpretation of the symbols is based on your own personal feelings and experiences.
  5. Common symbols are:

    • Swords: symbols of trouble and conflict.
    • Rings: symbols of happiness and joy.
    • Anchors: symbols of faithfulness and loyalty.
    • Hearts: symbols of love and passion.
    • Crowns: symbols of wealth and power.


Tea Leaf Reading is a fascinating practice that can be used to gain insight into the future and to explore one’s own subconscious feelings and desires. Though it can be entertaining, it should not be used in place of professional advice.


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