is cinnamon tea bad for pregnancy

is cinnamon tea bad for pregnancy

The Benefits and Risks of Drinking Cinnamon Tea During Pregnancy

Cinnamon tea is a popular beverage that is enjoyed both for its unique flavor and for its health benefits. Some research suggests that cinnamon has the potential to improve blood sugar control and lower cholesterol levels, but what about pregnant women? Can pregnant women safely drink cinnamon tea?

Health Benefits

Cinnamon tea is believed to provide a variety of health benefits due to the presence of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. These benefits may include:

  • Reducing inflammation – Cinnamon contains an anti-inflammatory compound called cinnamaldehyde which may help reduce inflammation.
  • Improving digestion – Cinnamon tea may help to improve digestion by relieving intestinal gas, bloating, and cramping.
  • Fights infection – Cinnamon contains antifungal and antiviral properties which can help fight infection.


Although cinnamon tea has many potential benefits, there are also some risks to consider. While it is generally considered safe to consume cinnamon tea in moderation during pregnancy, it is thought that consuming too much could be harmful. Cinnamon contains a compound called coumarin which has been linked to liver problems and contraceptives. Therefore, it is best to limit your intake of cinnamon tea while pregnant.

Furthermore, some ingredients commonly found in cinnamon tea products, such as ginger and licorice root, may be unsafe to consume in large doses during pregnancy. Therefore, it is best to speak to your healthcare provider before consuming any tea products containing these ingredients.


In conclusion, it is generally considered safe for pregnant women to consume cinnamon tea in moderation. However, it is best to speak to your healthcare provider to confirm that the tea product you are consuming is safe for your situation. Also, ensure to stick to only one cup per day to avoid consuming too much of the beneficial and potentially harmful compounds that can be found in cinnamon.


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